Wednesday, July 16, 2008

City Paper Continues to Conveniently Leave Karl Dean Out of the Rehab Zoning Flap

CP reporter Nate Rau constructs the same partial time-line of the Metro Council's rejection of rehabilitation services in agricultural districts that he has in the past incessantly and without reference to the seeming failures of Karl Dean's Metro Legal Department to discourage the council in 2006-07.  If Rau had been covering the introduction and passage of bill at that time, I would accuse him now of possessing a rather selective memory.

Despite the fact that the Metro Charter establishes a strong executive, Rau reasserts his or his editor's meme that the council was solely responsible for the original passage of the bill.  Mayor Bill Purcell could have vetoed the bill, but he did not.  By failing to acknowledge that over and over, the City Paper is actually revising history rather than writing objective copy.

Again, I believe that this is a matter of the NCP sucking up to the Mayor's Office and doing what it can to stay on Karl Dean's good side rather than lashing all of the responsible parties to the whipping post.  The reporter and his editors simply refuse to see that there is enough blame to go around.  They're choosing the soft targets, and I'm sure the Mayor's communications office is thankful for that solid.

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