Thursday, July 24, 2008

Forget the Baby Penguins. Yesterday's New Orleans Oil Spill Ought to Close Down McCain's Offshore Drilling Plan

So, if this is what can happen with a moratorium on off-shore drilling, just imagine what might happen should John McCain become President, end the moratorium, and loose the hounds on the Gulf of Mexico in the name of keeping the money flowing into oil company coffers.

Amateur video of the spill at Jackson Square:

AP/Coast Guard video of the spill from a helicopter:

The river is closed, which means that the largest US port is no longer shipping goods to the the nation's interior. Hence, the oil spill threatens not just the environment, but the national and the global economy.


  1. yes there should have been someone on the boat in communacation with new orleans traffic .traffic is set up to make sure this doe;s not happen Captain J.L.F

  2. All oil spills are tragic and every possible measure should be taken to avoid them but you should get your facts straight before you start to rant and rave.

    New Orleans is the 8th largest port in the US and should not be confused with the Port of South Louisiana. The port will most likely be reopened in a week.

    Offshore production is almost always transported by pipeline, not barges and tankers.