Saturday, July 26, 2008

Looks Like Developer Intends to Blow Through and Run Over Anyone Who Gets in His Way

Tony G. responds to last night's Planning Commission spectacle by pushing past the commissioners to rush MTC to the Metro Council with as little public deliberation as possible. I saw him and Eric Crafton sharing a mouth-to-ear moment off to the side during a break at Thursday night's meeting, so I would bet that the arm-twisting and deal-making has started.

Meanwhile, Southcomm journalist Richard Lawson seems to be running ideological interference for Tony G. over at Urban Planet.

It is not too early to contact your Council Member and encourage them to support the Scottsboro/Bells Bend Neighborhood Design Plan against the alternative May Town Center proposal. For those of us here in the North End (and the rest of District 19), Erica Gilmore's contact info is: You can also contact the council members with a Metro website form. Don't forget the 5 at-Large members. Megan Barry has already said that she opposes MTC, so thank her for supporting the neighborhood of Bells Bend.

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