Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Robbery and Vandalism in 12South Neighborhood

The following troubling report came across the 12South listserv today:
Last night (or early this morning) somebody kicked the door down of a home at near the corner of 10th/Douglas. Nothing appeared to be taken. Holes were cut in the tops of two convertible cars but nothing appeared to be taken.
Yesterday the District 17 Newsgroup posted even scarier news:
More details on the Robbery on the 1500 block of Beechwood.

The robbery happened around 1 AM on a Friday night, when our neighbor was coming home from work. She parked on the street in front of her house, went around her car to pick up her violin case, and started walking towards her front door. She was almost at the door when the perpetrator appeared and demanded she give him her purse.

The perpetrator was described as being not tall, but of muscular build. He was wearing a ski mask, a dark jacket, jeans, and black tennis shoes.

After taking her purse, the perpetrator ran down the street towards twelfth avenue south. He may have had a car waiting, because about 30 minutes later, one of the credit cards from the purse was used at the White Castle on the corner of Nolensville and Thompson Lane. The security camera at the drive up window shows a dark blue car, most likely a 98-2000 Ford escort.

Our neighbors drivers license and now canceled credit cards, were found in Hendersonville, mixed in with someone else's cards. The police have suggested that person maybe working multiple neighborhoods in Nashville, rather than concentrating just on our area.

We do not believe that our neighbor was followed home from her work, or that the person had been waiting for her specifically. It may be speculated given the time and location, that the perpetrator was heading towards Mafiozas hoping to hold up someone leaving there (especially given the recent robbery that happened there). This is purely speculation, but it does suggest taking some extra caution if walking home from one of the establishments on 12th Ave. South late at night.
Summer days are turning dog days.

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