Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's Going to Be a Long, Bumpy Ride Tonight with a Longer Horizon for a Decision

The Bells Bend discussion tonight is divided into two sections:  the Bells Bend design plan and the May rezoning request, which is at the heart of Planning Department's alternative to the plan.  The Public Hearing is on the plan and 55 people have signed up to speak for or against it.  That's a possible two hours of public hearing without either consideration of the rezoning request or Commission debate.  The Commission decided to have their discussion at a special session on another day.  It's essentially a deferral after the public hearing.

UPDATE:  In their recommendation, Planning says 77% of land taken for parks or conservation.  Options for commercial uses include one Village Center along Hides Ferry Road, which bisects the center of the Scottsboro area west to east.  The "Alternative Development Area" proposal would make up 4% of the Scottsboro area.  Natural conservation policy would not be interrupted by alternative plan.  My question is:  what's to keep that policy from being nibbled to death by variances, exceptions, and rezoning efforts in the future?  It's like letting the camel nose under the tent:  once the nose comes in, there's nothing to keep the whole camel from following.

UPDATE:  Planning official did not really answer a commissioner's question about May Town Place detracting from other Davidson Co. office offerings as they would theoretically from Cool Springs.  She just provided from statistics of the areas with the lowest office availability.  What kind of answer is that?

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