Saturday, July 26, 2008

What I Was Told Couldn't Happen May Be Happening

Nearly a year after a Germantown woman was sexually assaulted at Bicentennial Mall State Park, the Parks Commission seems to be finally taking measures to help prevent future crimes from happening. And it looks like the changes include at least one that the Parks Commissioner Jim Fyke told me last fall was impossible when I mentioned it to him.

This morning I snapped a picture of what appears to be an emergency call box and a blue strobe light newly affixed to a park lamp post (HT to Joel B. for the tip after his original sighting while jogging the park). At least three lamp posts that I spotted across the park have these boxes (which are currently covered in plastic garbage bags).

Thanks to the Parks Commission for relenting on this issue and taking some action to make the North End a safer place to live and to traverse. Kudos to the Salemtown Neighbors Neighborhood Association, which took the lead and expressed their concerns to both the Commission and our elected officials. A special thanks to all of those Nashvillians who sent e-mails and other correspondence to help leverage needed changes at the state park. Thanks to the television media (particularly WSMV and NewsChannel5) who publicized our safety concerns and (in Channel 4's case) followed up with State Senators. Speaking of State Senators, I do not know whether we should thank Thelma Harper because she never responded to any of my correspondence after we talked on the phone last November. I have no idea what if any role she played on this change of course. I am thankful I don't have to write her any more letters on this issue.

If there is anyone else whom I missed who deserves thanks for their efforts, please type them into the comments, and I'll lift them up here.


  1. Way to go, Mike. I'm glad your persistence has paid off.

  2. And I am glad for your support, Rob.

  3. congratulations, Mike. The downtown residents should be very grateful, as am I, for your diligent advocacy.

  4. And they should be thankful for yours, too, Catherine.