Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tennessean Gives Eric Crafton Some Really Nice PR

Reporter Janell Ross splashes a headline that is bound to make the English Only drones hum.  The headline insinuates that their narrow-minded and misguided crusade to micromanage Metro employees and help Republicans in the fall is actually "pushing immigrants to learn English," even though there is nothing in the article that substantiates that theory.  In fact, one English-as-a-second-language administrator she interviewed says that the ballot initiative is pointless, given the challenges that English-learners face.

It's just another puff-piece to fill the vacuum resulting from the unwillingness of the press to do some hard-hitting investigative reporting to dig up information on who is financing Eric Crafton's baby.  Any blogger with a little time away from their real job could have researched and written the Ross piece and tacked a misleading title to it.

I'm sure that the mainstream media continues to operate under the assumption that it is doing the public a service by writing stories that mimic a critical edge, but it's like every story published by the newspapers seems to help Crafton more than hurt him.  He's got something to hide in not divulging who is behind "English First," and the media does not seem to want to dig to uncover what he's hiding.  They're either lazy, disinterested, foolish, or invested in the success of Crafton's group.

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