Monday, March 03, 2008

Is Charlie Tygard's Light Emitting Initiative Omitting Citizen Feedback?

An Enclave commenter levels charges that Council Member Charlie Tygard's backdoor bill (BL2008-152) to allow churches to have retina-popping LED signs so that they can compete with for-profit businesses is being pushed through without citizen feedback:
Tygard put his LED sign bill on the consent agenda Thursday, February 28. Because he did this, no public hearing was held and no citizen got to oppose the bill. Several opposing citizens came to the Planning Commission to speak but were not allowed. The bill goes to Metro Council this Tuesday night, March 4th, for public hearing. This will be the only opportunity for the citizens to speak unless Tygard can figure out a way to silence the residents again. Who wants an LED sign shining in their window all night? If the church wants to have an LED sign, they can go to the Board of Zoning Appeals and plead their case. That's why they exist. If they have been turned down there is a reason. Check Tygard's campaign disclosure and I bet you will find Mr. Joslin's name listed. Tygard is willing to sell out every Nashvillian for Joslin and the under the table kickbacks he will receive. Why hasn't the press picked up on this? The residents of Nashville won't have a clue what is going on until the Joslin truck shows up to plug in their new sign. This ain't Vegas Charlie. We don't want your stinking signs in our neighborhoods. Everybody call the mayor, call the tv stations, call your council person. This scam cannot be allowed to continue.
To reiterate: the Metro Council Public Hearing on this bill is tomorrow night at 6:00. Those who live in the neighborhood around the church that this bill is specifically designed to benefit, Harpeth Heights Baptist Church, should take note.


  1. We always hear from council members that we need tax dollars. Tygard's bill will benefit groups that pay no property tax. Signs in neighborhoods will not increase property tax values. In fact, most homes near the Walgreen type signs will probably lose value. Guess Charlie never thought of that.

  2. Tygard's sign bill will hugely impact every neighborhood in Nashville. He has had no community meetings, there were no zoning notification signs, the bill was mysteriously hid on consent agenda so no citizens could he heard. No he needs less votes to pass it.Vice-Mayor Neighbors will not allow debate on the council floor on public hearing night. This bill will be controlled by Tygard's posse member Councilman Jim Gotto, chair of the Planning Committee. Do we see a pattern of shady behavior here? Does Mayor Dean need to step in or is he in on it too since Mr.Joslin helped pay off his campaign debt? Where is Phil Williams when you need him?

  3. To heck with Tygard, he is an At Large. Where's Bo Mitchell - the councilperson for this district?