Monday, March 03, 2008

The Monster behind the Wall

I puzzled a while over why the fence would bypass the industrial park and go through the city park .... I think we have a government within a government ... [This is] a tremendous bureaucracy—DHS is just a monster.
- -A South Texas Mayor

The border wall--a symbolic attempt on the part of Congress (with the support of both Dem candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama) in 2006 to address illegal immigration--is proving to be more about greed and class than about immigration. Melissa del Bosque reports that while the Department of Homeland Security is planning to build the wall across property owners of modest means (including through actual homes), there are no plans to build the wall across border resorts, golf courses, and the large tracts of wealthy Republican donors, like oil magnate, Ray L. Hunt.

Moreover, private contractors that the Bush Administration has charged to oversee the project also have unethical, potentially self-serving connections to the companies hired to build the wall.

DHS has to be in the lowest circle of hell for their money mongering ways.

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