Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Is Your Street Listed on the "290 Pages Emailed to Council Members on Request"?

Want to know if your block is going to be included among the list of 7,600 Nashville streets allowed to have LED signs should Metro Council pass Charlie Tygard's bill to allow churches, schools, and cultural or recreation centers to have the vivid displays? You need to check with your Council Member, according to the latest analysis from the Metro Council office:

This ordinance would allow these type signs in residential zoning districts for property located on collector and arterial streets [arterial streets are those leading off of main intersections; collector streets are those that branch off from arterial streets] .... It is important to point out that individual sections of the same road may be classified differently. A complete list of all sections of roadway in Excel format can be emailed by the council office to members of council upon request. The full list is approximately 290 pages.

The analysis also has a "short list" of affected streets. Here are North End streets listed that are eligible for LED signs should Tygard's bill pass third reading:

  • 8TH AVE N [Rosa Parks]
Three of those four affect Salemtown and two of them cut right through the heart of this neighborhood. Putting LEDs in Salemtown would not be good for our quality of life, so I hope that my neighbors will come together and encourage Erica Gilmore to vote against this bill on 3rd reading, unless our streets are taken off the list beforehand.

There are streets on the list located in more affluent neighborhoods (like Belle Meade Boulevard or Blair Boulevard or Belmont Boulevard) that I have a hard time believing will stay on this list if their residents and Council Members have anything to do with it. We need to make sure that Erica Gilmore fights for our quality of life, too.

UPDATE: Strike Belle Meade Boulevard. I am told that no Belle Meade streets would be eligible for LED signs because the Belle Meade zoning code would prevent it. I don't think that Salemtown has such codes.

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