Friday, January 02, 2009

Fly Ash Casualty

Checking in on the blogging Swan Pond resident, who is also the custodial grandparent of an 18-month-old high risk infant:
My Grandson became sick yesterday... Cough.... stuffy nose.... sneezing..... flushed..... didn't want to eat..... not wanting to nap either....

It was windy yesterday just like the day before... and the ash had to be flying.

I took him to the ER as recommended by his physician.  I took the information that TVA had given me, as well as a MSDS sheet about fly ash.  

He had to endure a nasal wash & suction, x-rays, monitoring of his oxygen levels.  The conclusion?  Irritation from the fly ash, specifically airborne.  

TVA is aware, and we are currently at a local hotel.  The Doctor recommended that he not go home... we not go home....avoid the area altogether.  

I didn't realize how I would feel once someone told me I couldn't go home.  I didn't sink in until this morning.  Due to the stress and the lack of sleep... I began to meltdown.  "don't go home"....  keeps rolling through my head.  

No, we didn't lose our home to visible damage.... but we can't go home.

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