Monday, January 26, 2009

Moving Blithely from One Lightning-Rod Bellevue CM to the Next

Now that Eric Crafton's English Only is done, Southcomm Metro beat reporter Nate Rau is hitching his wagon to another controversial CM from Bellevue, Charlie Tygard and the latter's resurrected bid to allow bright, business-style LED signs in residential neighborhoods. The CM's buddies in the advertising industry and on the Nashville Business Alliance stand to make money in that transaction.

Ever the neutral observer, Rau once judged that poor Charlie Tygard has been "blogged to death" by opponents of residential LEDs. If he was blogged to death, why is LED reanimated once again? It is always easier to complain about social media when one does not care to examine the constitution of the LED sign task force, query the logic they use to make their recommendations, and ponder the effect of applying suburban-style frameworks to all neighborhoods, including dense urban ones. Anyhow, pandering to the development movers and shakers gathered around the Courthouse Guard probably means more fun and greater payoff for a local reporter.


  1. Oh my god I HATE those LED signs. Lamar has one illegally put up in Green Hills and they are refusing to take it down. Lamar is one of the sleaziest of companies, and have started just basically doing whatever they want in defiance of zoning laws and hope municipalities don't have the stomach for a protracted legal battle. Until this Green Hills sign gets "damaged" (ahem) I daresay it will stay up there....

    I find those signs so distracting that I can't even look at them. So as soon as I see those bright lights I just look away. To me they are the antithesis of effective advertising.

  2. Hey Mike,

    I wonder if Mr. Tygards *other* pet project is part of a sinister plan:

    If you plant more trees, maybe they will help shield your home from the ruby glow of thousands of animated LED signs??