Sunday, January 25, 2009

LA Times Counters City Paper

Compare and contrast.

Local reporter Nate Rau on Thursday interpreting Eric Crafton's claims to resist linking English Only and immigration:
Crafton has consistently said that English Only is simply about whether Metro business should be conducted in one language. But only last month The City Paper interviewed some of the Davidson County residents who signed his petition drive and streamlining Metro business was not the reason they supported the charter amendment proposal — instead their comments touched on the issue of illegal immigration.
The Los Angeles Times on Friday recalling an exchange with Crafton on English Only's connections to immigration, with Metro "business" almost an afterthought:
In 2007, Crafton told The Times that he was motivated by "pent-up frustrations" over illegal immigration. He also said he wanted to encourage immigrants to learn English, and save money by having government business conducted in one language.
I guess sometimes local reporters can get so close to their subjects that they lose the objective distance that non-locals still have to document the inconsistencies.

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