Saturday, January 17, 2009

Media BS Alert

The NY Times has already conflated liberals and ideologues, so wasn't it high time for WaPo to reduce liberalism to orthodoxy? Once again, instead of reporting the news, the media gatekeepers are framing ideas against progressives and triangulating between Barack Obama and progressive ideas. Which part of "orthodoxy is not the exclusive domain of liberals" do they not understand? Keep in mind that it is the same media that rarely batted an eye at the strange conservative fruit of unquestioned loyalty in George W. Bush's White House cult. We should not ignore the bias in the media against the left when it raises its ugly head. We should also keep in mind that editorial voices have their own unquestioned orthodoxies that determine how they see things and whether they tie themselves in knots at the specter of liberal federal policies, even as a decade of conservative federal policies has shaken us to the foundations.

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