Thursday, January 29, 2009

Senate Republicans Aim to Deny Certain Children Health Insurance

If you've ever seen a child bullied on a playground because of the actions of her parents, you know that the taunts are malicious for no other reason than the kid had nothing to do her parents' choices. The stigma was misplaced on an innocent person.

By that same logic, Senate Republicans in DC are bullies playing on current right-wing anti-immigrant anger to bar the children of immigrants from SCHIP and thus deny them health insurance that other kids get.  These children didn't choose to be born to illegal immigrants and they probably had little to do with their parents immigration choices. Why should the kids be punished? Why do Republicans hold a certain class of innocent children in such low regard?

1 comment:

  1. Republicans hate children. Unless they can use them for sex of course.

    Republicans have always been against SCHIP. Not just for illegals either, they were against it completely in the past and this is just their last stitch attempt to make themselves look good to their own, verminous kind.

    Obama should slam the door on these child abusing criminals and do what he knows is right regardless of the objections of the sub-humans.