Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Vanderbilt Undergrad Fails to Appreciate Crafton's Big-Brother Paternalism

Vandy undergrad Soo Yang properly dresses Vandy alumnus Eric Crafton down from the perspective of the immigrants whom "English Eric" is trying to rescue from the "liberal elite shadow governors":
immigrants know better than anyone else that learning English is critical for attaining their American dream. Thus, many first-generation immigrants who have lived in U.S. for 10 to 20 years still cannot speak English not because of lack of incentive but difficulty of learning. If Crafton were truly concerned with the plight of Nashville immigrants, he should have developed English tutor programs in struggling communities aimed at easing the transition and integration process. The immigrants keenly understand that better English means better life in America and do not need another reminder from a politician who pretends to sympathize with their struggles.
The Metro Council member only offered English "community education" programs in the beginning when he saw he did not have the votes to pass English Only. Once he got the votes by offering other concessions, he never lived up to his promise to include tutoring. He's not exactly the superhero for the downtrodden.

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