Friday, January 23, 2009

English Only: This Thing Ain't Over

Despite claims from all sides that Nashville needs to move on from English Only, we are not done at least until Eric Crafton reports his financial contributors. That is as much a part of yesterday's elections as going to the polls itself. Without public accountability the results are incomplete.

Don't forget folks: the bill is still going to come due for the election, and if Eric Crafton is serious about wanting to do things to help us now, he can start proposing some ideas for paying the bills. Eric Crafton did not just materialize from nowhere.  He is not going to disappear just because the bulk of Nashvillians no longer pay attention to his troubling behavior.

1 comment:

  1. You are right it's not over, It will be back because the percentages of this vote only shows that $300,000 beats $90,000 in the media. Those big contributors (of whom sinfully hire illegals for low, low wages thus keeping them enslaved in poverty and as easily controlled third class citizens) may tire of the paying to fight against what most Nashvillians would vote for if given the proper information.