Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cooper's First Big post-Bush Vote: with Republicans

Two weeks ago the Wall Street Journal sat down with Tennessee's Jim Cooper and brought back an omen regarding his conservative-Democrat wing called "Blue Dogs":
He smiles gently and says, "If we were to ally with the Republicans, we could swing any vote in the House of Representatives."
Today Jim Cooper was one of 11 Democrats voting with all of the Republicans against the House/Obama economic stimulus plan, which passed.

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  1. More from DailyKos

    "Now, maybe it made sense to have a inveterate Clinton foe on the campaign team during the primary. But Cooper's track record proves that he's not to be trusted even when he's nominally on your side. And that he shouldn't be let anywhere near a health care reform effort. It's time for Jim Cooper to be marginalized. A primary challenge wouldn't hurt, either."