Tuesday, January 27, 2009

English Only and Proposition 8 Locally Coincide in Lee Beaman

Two facts make a third one curious.

The first fact is GM/Toyota dealer Lee Beaman contributed at least $6,000 to support English Only and the attempt to revise the Metro Charter to prohibit any language but English from being spoken.

The second fact is that GOP donor Lee Beaman contributed $2,000 to supporters of California's Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriages in that state.

Here's what is curious: in former Davidson Co. GOP Chair Jon Crisp's letter to the Election Commission, he cites the fallout after passage of Proposition 8 as a reason for his refusal to declare the major donors supporting English Only.

Coincidence or was Crisp attempting to conceal Beaman?


  1. He also gave several thousand dollars to the Swift Boat Veterans.

    He's truly a repugnant individual. There is not a hate campaign that he won't open his wallet for.

    And in other news, Eric Crafton is a liar.

  2. Oh and to answer your question: OF COURSE Crisp was covering for Beaman. The LAST thing Lee Beaman wanted was a protest in front of his Broadway dealership, with all of the TV cameras rolling.

    But you know, it's not too late....