Monday, January 26, 2009

Downtown Noise Ordinance Passed Second Reading, up for Third

Looks like the Metro Council is taking steps to respond to some of the liberties some Downtown bars are taking with moving amplifiers outdoors. The karaoke bars are reportedly the worst offenders. The bill passed by the Council last week maintains that some of the noise complaints are coming directly from police:
The Metro Nashville Police Department has a history of calls to bars and clubs that broadcast music/sound using outdoor speakers. The noise levels from the outdoor speakers are a safety issue for Police Officers. These noise levels create hazardous conditions, as the Police have difficulty maintaining public peace and safety.

Police Officers mounted on horses, motorcycles, bicycles and walking regularly patrol the downtown Nashville area. Due to the levels of music/sound volume from outdoor speakers, the Officers are unable to hear or talk on their radios. Officers are unable to give commands to individuals or crowds as they are unable to yell loud enough to be heard over the speaker volume. Often, the noise is so loud even an Officer’s whistle cannot be heard. Crime victims, fight victims nor the general public are able to communicate with Officers, including hearing, talking or yelling due to the noise level. These occurrences are not rare.
As far as I know, endangering public safety and forcing Downtown pedestrians to listen to drunk karaoke patrons belt out "Song Sung Blue" are not the reasons Nashville is called "Music City."

Limits placed on music volume Downtown are not unreasonable even if the "best karaoke jam ever" represents a dying art left to the reels of pop culture:

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