Wednesday, January 14, 2009

CRIME ALERT: 3rd Salemtown Home Broken Into

According to the Salemtown e-mail list the 3rd home in the span of 10 days has been broken into, and in this case the home was burglarized.  The burglars reportedly broke in through a back door and loaded electronics into a waiting vehicle in the alley behind the house in the 1700 block of 5th Avenue North. The alarm company contacted the owner around 1:30 and the police arrived on the scene about 15 minutes later.  The owner believes that the thieves had cased his house and knew when the occupants were going to be away.

My first thought about the recent spike in the crime rate in Salemtown is to ask what happened to Mayor Karl Dean's campaign promise to deal with crime? It seems like our crime has been getting worse here since 2007. And I have seen Salemtown crawling with police cruisers in the past week day and night even as criminals seem to be more brazen (the 15 minute response time above, however, seems awfully long). Can anyone refer me to an objective measure that indicates that Mayor Dean is making Nashville neighborhoods safer, more secure places to live than his predecessor?

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