Thursday, January 29, 2009

Surveying the Vacuum that is the Democratic Party

Tennessee Democrats look either spineless or ineffectual. I'm not the only one who ponders their failure to hit the ground running after electing a new chair to replace the air.  Here's R. Neal:
Tennessee politics has become a TNGOP free-fire zone, with Hobbs and Company firing at will at any moving target with impunity. There's no return fire, the Democratic Party appears to have gone MIA or deserted, and our distress signals have vanished into the ether unanswered.

But maybe we are jumping the gun, so to speak.

For all we know, newly elected TNDP chair Chip Forrester is hunkered down in the bunker with the top political generals and money men from around the state, laying out the battle plan, drawing up the maps and supply lines, and putting together an arsenal of ideas that will blow us away with its brilliance and audacity when it's unleashed.

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