Thursday, January 29, 2009

CRIME ALERT: North End Serial Burglar Suspect Photo Released, Suspect Literally Released

If you see the man in this photo, call police immediately.

He is suspected of at least 8 burglaries in Salemtown in the past 7 weeks and is also suspected of a Germantown Christmas burglary, according to the Salemtown association e-mail list.

According to police, Darren Lamont Hardemon had been incarcerated a few weeks ago, but he bonded out on Christmas Day. Hardmon is 5'9", 185 lbs, dark-complected African American, with brown eyes. His Nashville residence is on Delta Avenue (37208).

According to one Salemtown Neighbors commenter writing about a Germantown friend who was the victim of Hardemon's criminal past:
Hardemon completely wiped him out...he even stole toothpaste, toilet paper, and mouthwash! Hardemon clearly is not that bright and left fingerprints everywhere and since he was already in the system it didn't take long for him to be arrested. My friend went to a preliminary hearing on the case about 2 weeks ago and is scheduled to go back to court for the actual trial in approx. 3 months. In the mean while Hardemon was released on $10,000 bail (meaning his bond amount was only $1000).

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