Sunday, January 21, 2007

12South to Start Neighborhood Watch

In the wake of a number of reported break-ins in November and December and after reports of a teenage group (4-8 kids) attacking and otherwise intimidating neighborhood locals since the New Year, the 12South Neighborhood Association President announced a meeting to launch the area's first neighborhood crime watch. The watch will be formed with the help of Metro Police at a Monday, January 22 meeting at Sevier Park Community Center.

What surprises me about this announcement--made to the 12South list serv--is that the neighborhood did not already have an operating crime watch. The list serv seems to have been functioning in that fashion and I just assumed that they had an organized watch, given the regular reports of burglaries, thefts, and break-ins that I've seen posted. Hopefully, greater organization will translate to more crime deterrence for the 12Southies.

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