Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Candidate Announces Run for the 19th District Council Seat

Blogger Sean Braisted is reporting that Janice Davis announced her intention tonight to run for the District 19 Council Seat, which will be vacated by term-limited Ludye Wallace at the end of the year. If it is the same Janice Davis who appeared in a January 18 News 2 report on her opposition in the Edgehill Neighborhood of a Belmont University plan to expand sports facilities into public Rose Park, then the ostensible impression she left with me is not bad. She tells Metro officials introducing the plan:
This is our lives, our houses, our homes, and I think you all have to remember that you are our employees.
Ms. Davis does live in the district she would represent.

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  1. It is the same Janice Davis...she talked a great deal last night about the Belmont situation.