Friday, January 12, 2007

Just Another January: Gang-Related Graffiti Re-Tags the North End

Despite media attention on law enforcement's progress in targeting gang activity in Nashville, gang-related graffiti re-appeared on private and public property in this new year just like previous new years. In this case, two youths--one looking like a teen and the other looking like a pre-teen--hit Salemtown buildings with blue spray paint. Not long afterward, other unidentified gang youths covered some of the blue paint with their own gang symbols in red and black paint. Here's gallery of this year's vandalism:

6th & Garfield

5th & Buchanan (Plumbers of Nashville)

4th & Coffee


  1. The plumbing company should invest in a security camera.

  2. The owners of the plumbing company should start exercising their second amendment rights. Beautify the city and shoot a gang-member today!