Monday, January 15, 2007

White Bridge President Claims that Car Wash Developer's Lawyers Agreed to Abide by Association's Opposition

According to a letter from the White Bridge Neighborhood Association President Paula Lovett, the attorneys of Tim Cameron (the developer who plans to build a car wash on White Bridge Road) told WBNA that they would abide by the association's opposition to the car wash after they met in July 2006 and the WBNA Board voted against the plans. According to Ms. Lovett, Mr. Cameron was only proposing to buy the White Bridge property when they first met, but after Resolution BL2006-1178 was introduced, Mr. Cameron purchased the property and proceeded with plans to build a car wash.

Ms. Lovett also charges that Diane Neighbors promised to defer the car wash exemption bill indefinitely at a Planning Meeting in September after all sides agreed that the earlier bill that included car washes in its restrictions had not been in existence long enough to see if it worked.

The White Bridge Association was the only group to oppose the bill in Public Hearing on January 2 (even though Glencliff and Woodbine had also organized opposition to it before the Public Hearing).

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