Monday, January 01, 2007

Scenes from the New Years Eve Street Party in Germantown

We grabbed a bottle of champagne last night and joined our neighbors in Germantown for New Years Eve street revels, which included fire works and the dropping of a dirigible (instead of a ball) from the top of the Mad Platter. The airship, named "Hindenburg," was set on fire by the pyrotechnic people atop a ladder as it descended to the street (that's historically accurate, right?). The pyrotechnic people probably should have practiced the torching, because it was after midnight and well after revelers shouted "Oh, the humanity!" for the 628th time that the blimp finally caught fire and crashed into 6th Av.


  1. Okay, so salemtown needs a social event coordinator. Who cares about damn cats! There was a party down the street with alcohol and I didn't know about it!!! Where are our priorities people?! :) Hope you guys had fun, it looked like a blast. Happy New Year!

  2. I found out about it through the Historic Germantown blog (linked in the right column). You weren't having one of your regular soirees at your place last night?

  3. Thank you for this post Mike. Might that have been you behind my boyfriend and I suggesting that "this was not a reciper for disaster?" Even if that wasn't you, now I can just direct people to your blog rather than try to describe my New Years Eve.