Friday, January 19, 2007

A Blues Singer's Comparison of the Two Capital "T" State Capitols

I found this gem in a 5-year-old Austin newspaper article:

"In Nashville, everybody hates everybody; it's not loving like it is here. Clifford Antone was, 'Come in to the Home of the Blues.' Just welcomed me. And thank God for [Continental Club owner] Steve Wertheimer. He's there all the way, so hands-on. That's why the club is jumping all the time. I love this town. I kiss it.

The first time I won Best Female Vocalist, I thought, 'What?!' And Lou Ann [Barton] says to me, 'Well, honey, you deserve it.' That's how Austin is, open arms. In Nashville everyone's like, 'Oh, you're trying to get my piece of cheese!' But here, we've got plenty of cheese for everyone.'"
- - Toni Price, former Nashvillian, long-time host of Tuesday Night "Hippie Hour" at Austin's Continental Club

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