Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Question of a "Full and Honest Discussion": Compare and Contrast

Councillady [Amanda] McClendon ... stated that she never intended for car washes to be a part of [a previous bill requiring neighborhood consent], and she felt like she was deceitful when she moved it forward by not acknowledging that. I spoke to Judge McClendon this afternoon. She still feels that way. She just wants to move it forward and vote it up or down. So, with that I renew my motion for approval [of exempting car washes].
- - Council Member Diane Neighbors after the January 2 Public Hearing closed with only one neighborhood association rising to oppose the vote

Because I never mentioned to Council that car washes were included - and it was, therefore, not discussed, I felt that I had inadvertently deceived the council. I filed the bill to bring it to the council's attention, Diane Neighbors co-sponsored this bill at my request and as a courtesy to me since I had to resign. Personally, I think that they (car washes) are fine in the existing used car lot bill but the council should decide that with a full and honest discussion.
- - Former Council Member Amanda McClendon in an e-mail to a Woodbine Neighbors leader, who had encouraged members of a District 16 list serv to oppose on January 2; no Woodbine leaders spoke on January 2

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