Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Council at-Large Candidate Has Strong Ethics Background

Let's do the math: ethically challenged Metro Council meets 2007 at-Large Candidate Megan Barry, who has an extensive ethics background, including stints on the Council's Board of Ethical Conduct and the Tennessee Ethics Committee. Could there be a better fit--for anyone besides the more unscrupulous among us--in any imaginable equation that involves integrity in local governance?

We are headed into a campaign season preceding the August 2 elections where we will be beset by candidates locating their moral compasses at their convenience. Megan Barry's ethics background seems more of an ethics firewall for this Council compared to the slight fob that other candidates might retrieve to get their bearings or to shore up their public relations.

It is too early for endorsements, so this is more of a referral and a general FYI to readers to go check out Megan Barry's website. She looks like a strong candidate.

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