Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Compare and Contrast

[Local Christian] Pastor Charles Cowan believes if someone is going to serve the United States of America, they should make their promise the way it's always been done on the United States of America .... "America being founded on the Christian principles, I believe that we should continue to put our hand on the Bible [when swearing an oath]."

- - News 2 Reporter Jamey Tucker's report on one conservative evangelical's response to a Muslim Congressman taking the oath on the Qu'ran

Swear not at all; neither by heaven ... nor by earth .... But let your "yea" be "yea," and let your "nay" be "nay."

- - Jesus in that Christian Bible that conservative Christians want elected officials to swear on

With such hypocrisy in the recent oath-taking tempest, it is no wonder that evangelicals are buckling under a bad name. They've earned it.


  1. To "Anonymous": the only thing more invisible than your actual name on this blog would be your useless and very expendable comment that I just removed.

  2. Excellent post, Mike. It sounds to me like Pastor Cowan is making a political issue out of a religious preference.

    I have no objection to someone swearing an oath on the Bible, but I respect someone else's right to choose not to do the same.

  3. Rob Robinson, you are a true man!

    Your comment proves that you understand the meaning of the word "Freedom." We really, really need more people who understand what that word truly means.

    As they say in Australia: "Good on ya, mate!"

    As to the comment in the original post that Evangelicals earn the bad rap they are getting: Not only do they earn the bad rap, they wear it with pride!