Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Take Note, Metro Council: This is the Way That Discretionary Funds, Being Tax Dollars, Are Supposed to Be Spent

Once again Mike Jameson shows the way to his fellows on Metro Council, and we finally have infrastructure funds being recommended for actual infrastructure. In an unprecedented move for this gaggle of self-serving and unaccountable elected officials, Mr. Jameson offered up his discretionary funds to a vote among the neighborhoods in his district, according to the Tennessean.

Here are the results (pending Council approval) for East Nashville:
  • An electronic informational sign for Cayce Homes on 7th Street ($7,000)
  • 55 ornamental trees for each of the 10 neighborhoods in the district ($12,850)
  • 4 bus shelters with an artistic component ($20,000)
Up to this point the cat herd Metro Council had spent over $400,000 in discretionary funds only on private non-profit groups (including narrowly religious ones) and none on actual Metro services or infrastructure. Jameson's option is an example of taking collected property taxes and plowing them back into the neighborhoods to increase quality of life and, in turn, property values.

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