Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Metro Police Considering "Quality of Life" Unit to Enforce Codes

At tonight's Salemtown Neighbors Neighborhood Association meeting, we found out from our community police officers that Chief Ronal Serpas is considering the idea of forming "Quality of Life" Units. Accordingly, at least one officer in each precinct would be trained and certified in codes enforcement, and those officers would be able to cite codes violators, even if present to address other violations.

Given the plodding, bureaucratic process resulting from reporting codes violations to Metro Codes, I think that Serpas's idea is an outstanding one. Anything that the police can do to help maintain our codes standards against violators (overwhelming vegetation, vehicles in yards, excessive trash, etc.) should make our neighborhoods better. The plans are only preliminary at this point, so please consider contacting Chief Serpas (jump to the on-line police form) and encouraging him to follow through on those plans, and please contact your council members (including the at-Large ones) and ask to support this idea.

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  1. The Mayor needs to have Codes do their job that they are paid to do and not Chief Serpas.

    Codes is one of the laziest Metro paid officials there is. Neighborhoods are asked year after year to go out and list all the code violations, clean the alley, report to codes violations that those employed by the city are not doing and after doing this the problem is still not solved.

    What happened to the Sheriff's office taking over animal control. Another dead beat organization that does not do their job either.

    How about the Chief getting the drug dealer off the streets and out of the public housing rentals which is prohibited by laws, state and federal before taking on someone else's job. He can't remove the crime so what good will he be at enforcing the codes.

    The Chief won't handle trepassing either on residental property. Always and excuse but will for businesses.

    Neighbors report someone breaking and entering and stealing stuff from homes and the police bring back the evidence and let the burglar free to walk the streets to steal from someone else.

    Cheif Serpas and State Attorney Torry Johnson reported that they already had a program in place for a better "Quality of LIfe" for the residents of Nashville. What happened to it and why hasn't been enforced.

    This is just political spin on the Chief's part. People are tired of the spin and want action and our laws enforced.

    Get the dope off the streets, the felons moved out of public housing and the dealers, the guns, the gangs will move elsewhere.

    This city condons crime. Look at Officer Williams arrested for drug trafficing and yet he still maintains his job at the police department, full pay and benifits.
    Why has the Chief condoned Williams behavior and kept him on the payroll at the taxpayers expense?