Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Big Deal. What's So "Bold" About That?

Yeah, I know. I got the same press release from Ben Hall that you did touting Bob Clement's "bold new initiative" to create an "Office of Volunteerism" in the Mayor's Office. But I don't see why it is such a bold initiative to be a conduit between volunteers and non-profits or schools. The Mayor's Office already does some of the connecting in places. But more importantly, I would like to know why Mr. Clement needs to be a Mayor in order to take initiative on promoting voluntarism and networking volunteers? He could do that just as easily outside of government on name recognition alone. I want to know how Mr. Clement is going to make local governance itself better. The Mayor should be a leader in government first and in the non-profit sector second.


  1. [Yawn.] I agree. I am hoping that Clement will have plenty of time to volunteer his time toward this initiative come this fall.

  2. Me, too... there are already great organizations in Nashville doing exactly this kind of work. To suggest that it needs to be coordinated through the Mayor's office sounds to me like someone who doesn't understand the local community anymore. Next.