Friday, January 05, 2007

Faith and Ethics Reporter Did Not Follow Through As Promised

[A]bout the pagan roots of Christian traditions, I have done this story in every market I've worked. I'll get to it here. It's only November.

- - WKRN Faith and Ethics VJ Jamey Tucker (11/2006)

At the risk of being accused of "shooting the messenger" again, I should point out that News 2 reporter Jamey Tucker did not make good on his word to do a story on the pagan roots of Christmas like the one he did on the pagan roots of Halloween. His failure to do so supports my contention that his reporting is not balanced, but promotional in a conservative evangelical manner. I guess gathering all of those celebrities to read the Christmas Eve bible devotional on air ate up the time that would have allowed Tucker to be fair.

Update: Jamey Tucker is getting started early on slanted stories in 2007. In a separate story, the News 2 VJ reported on local response to U.S. Representative and Muslim Keith Ellison's swearing in. The problem is that Tucker only interviewed a lone Pentecostal pastor, as if Pentecostals themselves did not "raise eyebrows" even among other Christians. More details for Free after the jump.

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  1. i thought that J. Tucker had maybe come down and stolen your cool blue lights that can be seen for approx 4.2 miles away (hey, we loved em').

    I'm glad somebody is on this guy's case.