Thursday, November 01, 2007

Blackwater Knock-off Proximate to Knoxville?

Carole Borges waves a red flag that a $6 million "high-risk, low-profile tactical training center" is being built in East Tennessee.

Blackwater UPDATE: Why do they need smuggled silencers in Iraq?

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  1. Mike, dude,

    This training center is for Wackenhut. They currently have the contract out of Oakridge. They suck. This barrel of monkeys couldn't overthrow a kindergarten class. They are simply the lowest bidder on a less than glamorous job of moderate importance. They are no danger to baseball, applepie, or the american way.

    I know lots of people want the Tom Clancy style espionage thriller stuff to be real but the truth is quite tame.

    Why do these fellows need suppressors? Well, sometimes you need to kill feral cats or dogs in the palace and you don't want to offend the VIP's with late night gunfire. Sometimes your practice area is near folks who don't like evil guns. And I suppose sometimes you need to wack someone quietly.

    Folks are acting like this is a big deal. You know you can't import remote control cars into Iraq? But if you or I were caught with one in our luggage then the worst that would happen is confiscation. Private contractors have the need for a variety of deadly devices. These companies have tanks, light arty, automatic weapons, rpgs, antitank rockets, grenades, and, Yes, even their own private airforces. Suppressors don't even register as deadly when looking at the full bill of lading.

    Mike, I read your blog for insightful local commentary. You do a great job with this. On the issue of private contractors, you are way off base.