Thursday, November 29, 2007

When They Told Giuliani to Get a Room, He Did So on the Public Dole and He Didn't Exactly Slum It

How's this for cynical? As Mayor of New York, Republican Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani used public funds to finance extramarital rendezvous with his mistress in the Hamptons and charged them to city agencies. He even charged agencies that aid the disabled and provide lawyers for indigent defendants, according to Politico. Still waiting for the cynical part? At the time the Mayor's Office was asked to explain the expenses to auditors, Giuliani refused to divulge the information citing "security" reasons.

Why isn't the mainstream media grilling the Republican like they did Bill Clinton over the Jennifer Flowers affair? Using 9/11 fears to hide public funding of sex romps in the playground of the rich seems a lot worse to me than anything Bill Clinton ever did.

UPDATE: If you haven't noticed yet, TPM is using the term "shag" now in as many different ways possible to refer to the allegations that former Mayor Giuliani was exercising his extramarital preogatives with government funds. If the term "shag" (as in "he shagged his mistress") eventually sticks, then will we see folks waving squares of shag carpeting at Giuliani campaign events the way the Republicans waved flip-flops at John Kerry events?

Here is footage from last night's Republican debate that includes questions regarding "shagginggate":

UPDATE: Giuliani gave his mistress her own NYPD security detail while he was still married to his previous wife! Mistress used them as her own personal taxi service! Can this get any uglier for Rudy?

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