Tuesday, November 27, 2007

However, New Urbanism May Already Be Stale and Wasting Away

NPR is reporting that the urban hip lifestyle market has hit a wall and that once available city homes are no longer attainable, especially when the empty nesters cannot afford a downpayment. That has slowed housing sales and urban "revitalization." All of that unfettered growth without any attention to diversity or deliberative planning appears to be experiencing karmic blowback. Look for more and more of these duplexes and condos sprouting up everywhere to be rented rather than sold to the hipsters. Or developers might actually consider a more stable market niche: attracting families with children and leveraging good schools and safe parks around the neighborhoods. Stability is in.

1 comment:

  1. Have you ever considered that responsible parents wouldn't want to subject their children to living in the dirty and dangerous cities? Why do you think they moved to the suburbs in the first place?

    Only brainless back-to-the-city commune dwellers like you are so self loathing to live downtown and make their children grow up fearful and isolated so that you can feel all "hip" and progressive.

    Your kids will probably live in the suburbs just to escape the hell they grew up in. You'll be some old lonely shut-in in a high rise too afraid to go to the park or the store and continually robbed by your hip neighbors.

    Gee, all you would have had to do is vist a large city to see what you were creating for yourself.

    I guess you didn't learn that communes just don't work either on the farm or in the city.