Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Werthan Developer Reports Fire Caused by Lightning

Aaron White, Chief Manager of Phase IV of the Werthan Loft Development tells HistoricGermantown:
As you have probably heard, there was a fire last night in the Phase IV section of Werthan which is under construction. The Fire Department believes the fire was caused by lightning, and because the sprinkler system is not yet operational, it burned for a bit before it was extinguished. It seems that only 2 units have extensive fire damage, with about 10 others sustaining some water damage. So with a total 120 units, the fire was fairly contained and did not affect a majority of the construction site. Any effect on the delivery timeline is still being assessed, but it is possible that most of the units will remain on schedule. The buyers of the 2 damaged units have been notified.

No completed or occupied portions of Werthan were damaged, and had the fire sprinkler system been completed for occupancy, damage would have been minimal.

With delivery of Phase IV, (Delivering February 2008) an operational fire sprinkler will be in place throughout the balance of the unoccupied portions of the building including all of the Phase V. areas.

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