Monday, November 05, 2007

Three Alarm Fire at Werthan Lofts Tonight

The Tennessean is reporting that a three-alarm fire broke out on the second and third floors of the under-construction phase of Werthan Lofts at 8:00 tonight. Firefighters report that it is too early in the investigation to attribute a cause of the blaze. News 2 seemed to suggest at 10:00 that lightning was the cause, but the Tennessean seems to report that construction crews were renovating at the time.

Either one could have plauisbly been the cause, but if it was lightning, I sure don't remember a huge, house-rattling boom during that time period. We've had lightning hit in or close to Salemtown before and it is without a doubt startling and memorable.

UPDATE: Last night's News 2 lede (stamped at 10:48) is up. They erroneously refer to Werthan Lofts as "apartments" in the title.

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