Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Dedicated to State Senator Thelma Harper: "I Might As Well Go Up and Talk to a Wall"

Because I cannot get a reply to my letter and follow-up phone calls to my State Senator, I am reminded of a popular song from my college daze that I dedicate to her office's unresponsiveness:


  1. Keep at her, Mike.

    "First they ignore you..."

  2. Anonymous comment removed, because it had sarcastic tones about ethnicity that could be interpreted as racist. If the author wants to repost the comment with his or her actual identity, then I'll allow it. Otherwise, I have to assume some responsibility for the anonymous comments that appear here.

    And I don't believe that race enters into why Thelma Harper is not contacting me. I just don't think that she cares about the issue or this particular constituent.