Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Parks Commission Gives Another Concerned Citizen a Cold Reception on Bicentennial Mall Security

A Little Simplification tried to exercise a little persuasion with the State Parks Commission about Bicentennial Mall overnight security and got about the same treatment that I got, except this time from a guy far down the command and control ladder. At least I got brushed off by the Big Cheese. The latest surrogate made lots of excuses and blamed anybody else until he got around to admitting that the real issue affecting park security is the lack of revenues to secure Bicentennial Mall at night.

If you have contacted the State Parks or any other government official on this issue and have a story to share, put it to me and I'll put it on Enclave. For those of you concerned about overnight security at state parks who have not contacted a state official to express your concerns: what are you waiting for? They obviously aren't going to make the parks safer after midnight on their own accord. They need some outside encouragement.

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