Thursday, November 15, 2007

Other Preliminary Projects in the Block Grant

While the project with the most immediate design impact involves the ID and street signs that I posted on yesterday, another project that we discussed Tuesday night that is at an even more preliminary stage is the installment of traffic calming measures, including traffic bulbs at corners, road-narrowing striping on 7th and on 4th, and cross-walk nodes with stamped, decorative elements. The designs are at a highly conceptual stage and they still have yet to be broached with Public Works, who have absolute rule over them. At issue are both slowing speeding traffic down and encouraging bypass routes of large commercial and construction trucks to Werthan and to East Germantown's cement plant around rather than through Salemtown.

Last in sequence and yet to come (because of the higher expense) is consideration of new street lighting elements at a few places around Salemtown.

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