Friday, November 30, 2007

Hot Stove Stoked Next Week in Nashville

Fantasy sports leagues can be traced back to the founding of the original baseball rotisserie league in 1980, which grew out of the propensity of baseball aficionados to study and to debate statistics. Statistics repartee grew out of a cultural ritual called the "Hot Stove League," the heart of which are the events of Baseball Winter Meetings, which this year will be held here in Nashville.

Next week Nashville will be exposed to a hard fact that many other cities realized a long time ago: every other professional sport takes a backseat to baseball during the Winter Meetings, because of the drama of trades and signings that have such an impact on the 2008 season and beyond to our competitive rituals of debating players' stats.

Local sports writers and reporters have a golden opportunity to correspond first-hand with our national pastime at perhaps its most significant annual event rather than rely on dispatches from USA Today and other news outlets. We'll see whether they seize that chance.


  1. Professional sports are a waste of time and money for those who either never attended a university or who can't realize that they have graduated from their university.

    I can see why city dwellers think it is so important. They are, afterall, just trying to extend and relive their college days. They want to live in cramped bee hives and pretent like they are still in dorms and go to sports game like they are rooting for their alma mater.

    Fantasy sports fans are even worse than those that waste their time and my tax money attending professional sports. They are like video game dweebs. Always arguing about something that makes no difference at all.

  2. Uh... because it's fun?