Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Veto Override Helped New Orleans Masses with Their Stormwater Control Issues

The barely impugned congressional override of President Bush's veto of the Water Resources Redevelopment Act will help Gulf Coast residents reclaim and protect their communities from stormwater issues. According to Facing South:
The first congressional veto override in President Bush's seven-year term is especially welcome news in Louisiana, which is set to receive almost 30 percent of the $23 billion allotted by the Water Resources Development Act.

According to an analysis published in today's New Orleans Times-Picayune, the legislation gives the state $6.9 billion -- including $1.9 billion for Louisiana coastal restoration projects and $986 million for hurricane protection work. The measure also includes money for closing the Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet and for creating a Coastal Louisiana Ecosystem Protection and Restoration Task Force, among other things.
But maybe the New Orleans masses are not demanding floodwater control. Maybe they believe like the Tennessee Republican Party's Communications Director that stormwater can resolve itself. And maybe untoppable levees will someday simply spring from the arses of Army Corps engineers.

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