Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Wallace and Summers Lurking about Council Tonight

I spotted former District 19 Council Member Ludye Wallace in the gallery during tonight's meeting. I've heard that he has been attending other meetings. He does not seem to want to bow out gracefully. It really is bad form to show up. He needs to give his successor, Erica Gilmore, more respect by staying away for a few months until she gets into the rhythm of being Council Member. He's like a shadow hanging over these proceedings. Someone needs to tell him that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I also saw former Sylvan Park lightning rod John Summers, who at least had some reason beyond back-slapping to be there: he was speaking in favor of--get this--a car wash rezoning bill. That's right. The same John Summers who assisted in defeating last session's car wash exemption bill was speaking up for the same developer on a different car wash rezoning bill. Mr. Summers said that the car wash developer sat down with residents, and together they came up with an alternative site for building the wash.

However, when Mr. Summers made a reference to the old bill at the microphone, Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors stopped him quick and told him to stay on the bill currently before the session. He argued with her a bit, but he backed down and stayed within his allotted time to speak.

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