Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Speaking of Empty-Nest Hipsterdom: Two Things Surprise Me about This DA|AD Ad

  1. That they refer to the advertised development as "6th & Hume" (which is in Salemtown) rather than as Schoene Ansicht, which is its actual name. You'll remember that I posted a picture for your impressions just a few days ago on a Baskin Company development across the street from Schoene Ansicht called, "6th & Hume." DAAD is also designing it.
  2. That they call these units "multi-family." I don't take issue with the "multi" part. That's obvious. But "family"? C'mon! I visited an acquaintance who owns one, and I concluded there is no way your average American family fits into that space. Maybe if the family is a single parent and a single child. I did ask my acquaintance last night whether he thought his townhouse could hold a family and he told me that if the laundry room was converted to a bathroom and the garage was converted to a bedroom, then yes they could. So, a family buying any of these spaces would basically have to park on the street and take their laundry to a laundrymat in order to fit in to a space that is obviously designed for either single or coupled empty-nesters. So, why mislead with terms like "family"?

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