Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Brave New Blogosphere

Some in the land of the giants, Web 2.0, cannot wait until the more independent, less "amassed" of us die off:

All in all, the modern blog has progressed. Greatly. From a simple beginning, it’s managed to carry itself up the proverbial ladder in a few years’ time, and now stands tall amid big-money media houses. Yes, even the giants have joined in on the fun, creating their own blogs to gain new followings of their own.

What does this mean for the future of blogging? Does it portend a consolidation in the total number, with a decrease in amateur blogs, and disproportional fame given to the topmost percentile?

In short, yes, it does. But that’s always been expected. Such a trend occurred in the old media landscape. New media will experience a similar transformation. Which is fine by us.

Well, as long as we’re still alive and kickin’ with this here publication when all’s said and done.
And will Web 3.0 actually downsize or merely isolate and provide cover for targeted market penetration by the "amassed"?

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