Thursday, November 29, 2007

Not Good

The Nashville Predators have only hit the paid attendence that they are supposed to be averaging (14,000--in order to keep their lease with Nashville in tact) once this season. That's not exactly a ground swell of support after the Mayor bowed to the "Keep Them at Any Cost" Crowd and pulled the Preds' hindquarters out of the fire.

All I can say is there should be some sustained debate in Metro Council over approving the Mayor's deal with the new ownership team. Attendance is not just lagging, it is limping. And instead of blowing the roof off the arena in the wake of the deal, all those Preds supporters got quiet, almost as if they were breathing a collective sign of relief rather than walking the walk. They are a man up and still can't muster a power play.

The lack of any groundswell of support for the hockey club should give the Council pause about this deal. And this thing should not sail through our legislative body easily. Finally, those who argue with no qualification that we have no choice but to do what the team demands of us--when the lackluster attendence clearly suggests that we can do otherwise--deserve a strong round of boos.


  1. Attendance needs to be higher, but this is one of those cases where it pays to dig deeper into the numbers before jumping to conclusions...not the Tennessean's strong suit. Paid attendance so far this year is still 124 higher per game than at this point last year. This is football country; Predator attendance picked up nearly 2000 per game after the Superbowl last year.

  2. So we are wasting money on hockey. Jeez, wasting mooney is what you advocate for in this entire blog and you Nashville Charrette forum.

    Bogus global warming, public transporation, handing over the country to the Mexican invaders, New Urbanism, sustainability and 24/7 guards in a downtown park - all you want a to do is spend other people's money.

    I know how you can help. Send the government a check to finance all of the social programs that you want eveeryone else to pay for or shut the hell up.